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A foldable lightweight backpack for urban explorers

CARRIE’s design combines minimalistic fashion and a distinctive everyday functionality. Being an ultralightweight foldable backpack CARRIE can be around all the time, only when in use she guarantees for a unique appearance. Therefore she is a congenial companion for style-conscious  and quick cyclists.

CARRIE is particularly suited for one way tasks. Folded she can easily be tucked away in any jacket or under the bycicle seat. That way she keeps her users hands free in every situation.

The weight and foldability lead the design to focussing on essentials, no additional pockets, paddings or adjustable straps. One size fits all. One bag holds all. CARRIE’s cut references on popular backpacks among cycle messengers and Tyvek, the material the bag is made of, creates the individualistic paper look. Despite the lightweight 106g CARRIE can handle 5kg.

These properties form a design that adjusts to its user’s needs also aside bycicle rides. wien work, the city of Vienna’s socially responsible and sustainable workshops, assisted as experienced and reliable partners in the idea’s development and realisation.

Individually branded backpacks can be ordered on demand. Contact for informations about the possibilities of customization .


velo | CARRIE
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